Whānau Protect

National Home Safety Service (Whānau Protect)

A home security and safety service for victims of family violence who are at high risk of repeat family violence that is likely to cause serious physical injury. people affected by family violence.

Battered Women’s Trust offers an in home security and safety service to victims of family violence who are at high risk of repeat victimisation and of serious injury, who choose to remain in their home. Eligibility is therefore measured against stringent risk criteria. 

A Home Safety Improvement assessment is completed to gauge the security of the property and improvements are made to ensure there is a safe room for victims to shelter while waiting for Police to attend in the event of the offender attempting to gain entry. 

As part of this service, the victims’ homes may be upgraded – for example, doors and windows are strengthened, locks replaced, alarms installed, and a blueprint for home safety is developed to walk families through the new security measures and how to use them to keep themselves and their family safe.  

The Whānau Protect service plays a key role in providing support and resources for family violence victims and their children to live free from violence while remaining in their homes. It provides choice and another safer option for those victims who do not want to, or cannot, leave their home. 

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