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Safe housing is short term emergency accommodation for women and children who are at serious risk or harm from family violence.

The location is a safe secure confidential address. Access to our safe house can be through our crisis line, professional referral or self-referral.

An assessment will be carried out directly with the person affected by family violence to identify whether they are suitable for entry into the safe house. 

A family entering the safe house will have any immediate needs met: food, clothing, medications, toiletry items etc. A comprehensive risk assessment will be carried out and individual and family safety plans developed. 

Assistance provided may include education and information around family violence, further work on personalised safety plans, support to secure their property, assistance in accessing and obtaining legal advice, (Family Court orders etc.), income and housing, or even transferring out of Christchurch. 

The address of the safe house is kept confidential so the women/families/whānau can have safety and privacy.

Some clients, and their families, need to be housed safely in alternative accommodation.  This may be for a number of reasons including: ‘Covid-19’ requirements to maintain ‘bubbles’; not meeting our safe house criteria; better suited to alternative accommodation. As above, people entering safe accommodation must meet the same requirements.

A full comprehensive risk assessment is carried out to identify whether there is a requirement for safe housing prior to entry.

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