Our Mission

Our mission

Our goal is to empower women to create a safe and healthy family life for themselves and their children, free of family violence. It’s what we’ve done for more than 30 years.

Our objective is to operate services providing safety, support, advocacy, counselling and education to women and children who have been affected by family violence. Services are provided on the belief that women have within them the resources to overcome their experiences of violence.  

Our Four cornerstones are: 

  • Collectivism – allowing for everyone’s voice to be heard and involved in decision making. 
  • Parallel Development – commitment to tino rangatirantanga and culturally appropriate services for tangata whenua. 
  • Lesbian Visibility – affirming and promoting women’s rights to sexual identity free from all forms of violence and oppression. 
  • Feminism -  where the rights of women are promoted and protected. 
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