Counselling Services

Need to talk?

Battered Women’s Trust offer free family violence counselling on-site (up to six sessions) with our qualified and experienced Family Violence Counsellor for those who are already engaging as a client of our services. Counselling sessions are conducted in a therapeutic space that is client-focused, empathetic, confidential and non-judgmental.  

Our counsellor supports clients by talking through their situation in a confidential and independent environment. Family violence situations are often complex. There are many factors to consider to help ensure the ongoing safety of women and their family. Counselling encourages people to recognise and develop their own coping skills so they can handle situations that come their way effectively. This is why counselling is essential. 

"My time at BWT has been amazing, it’s helped me put things into perspective so I can focus on my inner self."
Battered Women's Trust

Counselling is a next step for clients who have had their initial safety and advocacy needs met. The client will be in a place where they are recognising that they want to make some changes for themselves. Counselling supports the client to address issues in order to make positive changes. Counselling interventions include anxiety around court appearances, grief and feelings of being overwhelmed among others.  

Our counsellor uses the internationally recognised Outcome Rating Scales (ORS) for measuring therapeutic outcomes. Safety in the therapeutic setting is our top priority. 

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